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George Deakin’s Sermon Notes

George Deakin was born in Oldham Lancashire UK. In his early twenties he was led to the Lord by a young lady who was to become his wife. He attended a church in Oldham where his pastor was Leonard Ravenhill who he worked with in many street walks and open-air meetings.

Not too long after him coming to know the Lord he attended Emanuel Bible School in 1935 in Birkenhead, followed by him starting his ministry as a Pastor serving and preaching in  locations around the UK and the USA. He served as chairman on many different councils, working during his life relentlessly for others.

He was loved and appreciated by many, plus his unique ministry was sought after proven to be years ahead of its time. He was radical and prepared to implement change as GOD directed. This meant a price was paid by him for so much of what the church enjoys and experiences today. Many have been impacted by his insights personally and publicly. His encouragement and training of people has led to many being in key ministry positions through out the world today as a result of his involvement.

His latter years were spent in Somerset ministering from time to time as his health permitted.

This website is here as a resource tool to share mostly his hand written sermon notes that he spent many hours labouring over seeking the Lord. We trust they are an inspiration and blessing to you. We would love to hear from you with any comments or memories.

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